Custom Blending

At Spice Oasis Inc., our specialty is custom blending. We sell to a large number of food service distributors, restaurant chains and food manufacturers … all of whom demand a unique and superior taste for their food or food products. So, when you need a special blend, look no further than Spice Oasis Inc.

  • We can blend YOUR recipe.
  • We can precisely reproduce any commercially available blend. If that blend is made from inferior ingredients, we will improve upon its quality.
  • We can design and create blends according to your individual requirements.

We operate under a non-disclosure agreement so we guarantee to keep your recipe a secret.

Because Spice Oasis Inc. ingredients are 'top of the line', its blends are also 'top of the line'.


spice container sizes

We can package and deliver custom blends in any of these quantities:

  • Pint
  • Quart
  • Gallon
  • 50-pound Boxes
  • Truck loads

Our warehouse is always fully stocked with the highest quality herbs, spices and ingredients. Our expert food technologists are always ready to work individually with you to fill your order when you need it,

Because or our high volume we can also produce your spice blend quickly and at a very competitive price.

Contact us for more information about our custom blended spices.